Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello New Year, goodbye past.

2008 was a roller coaster ride. The highs made me feel on top of the world, the lows made me feel buried six feet under. I had some of the best and worst times of my life, but I am without regret. My 2008 experiences shape who I am today, and I have changed big and small in many ways. Each year's turnout is all about attitude, and this year, I am excited to find out what 2009 holds. I think old self would be proud.

New Year's Resolutions: (in no particular order)
1. Cut back on sugars. Ha.
2. Purchase a ****.
3. ***** a ****, even if it's unedited.
4. Work on getting a more defined 4-pack and sculpted (in a non-masculine way) arms.
5. Leave grudges at the door.
6. Find love and keep love. Be found and be kept.
7. Start my own *******.
8. Weed out the bad apples in my life.
9. Model for a ********.
10. Cook more. I'm getting pretty good!

As for 2, 3, 7, and 9...when I achieve them, you'll hear about it. ;) They're probably the most exciting resolutions on my list, but I make them in secret as motivation. Sorry to be cryptic! What's on your list? We have just 364 days left to accomplish everything! Go, go, go.

Here's my personal In & Out list of 2009. Some are a given.
"It is what it is."

"It's all good."

Cupcakes and milk

Cookies and milk



$1.39 and less for gas

Arm and leg for gas

Lipstick Jungle

Sex and the City

Las Vegas



Harry Potter

Animal prints

Animal skin

Eating green

Eating mean

Slide phones

Flip phones

Jewel-toned thigh highs

Lame leggings

Sweater dresses

Sweater vests





Chai soy lattes

Caramel macchiatos

Swim fast

Slim Fast

Reading books

Watching movies

Wii fit

Gym fit

Caribou Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

entertainment districts

entertainment centers

"It's ok"

"You're fine."

Sweet potato fries

French fries

Digital TV

Analog TV

Aston Martin




Baltimore Ravens

New York Jets

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! yea 2008 was crazy and a rollecoaster of a ride, like the stock market lol..umm...idk what 2 is, unless its synonomous with a t.v. doctors pretty sure i kno what 3 s and look foward to it...hope im not one of 5 or 8...could 7 be what hrg worked for??? lol...pretty sure i kno what 9 is and ill be a guinea pig for 10 lol.